A Humble Beginning…

The Pentecostal Young People’s Association (PYPA) is the youth wing and subsidiary organization of ‘The Indian Pentecostal Church of God’ (IPC). PYPA was started as a young organization in India on August 30, 1947, but over the years it grown across the world as one of the most prominent youth organization among the Indian communities. The goal of this youth ministry is to build our young men and women in faith as well as spreading the Good News our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the local communities we live. Today PYPA exists in many of our churches in India and across the world,especially in India, North America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. PYPA is platform within the church to build the talents of our youth for the glory of God and train them as future leaders.

IPC Midwest Region PYPA was started as part of the region in 1991 in United States of America. This was the first IPC Region PYPA organization in United States of America (USA).

IPCMWR PYPA Executives 2018-2021

Br. Wesley Alumoottil
Dr. Manu Chacko
(Vice President)
Br. Shony Thomas

Br. Regi Uthup
(Joint Secretary)
Br. Jerry K. Rajan
Br. Joshin Daniel
(Talent Convenor)

Br. Blesson Babu
(Media Coordinator)
Br. Abin Varghese
(Mission & Charity Coordinator)
Br. Vinny Philip
(Sports Coordinator)


Br. Jijo George
(Sports Coordinator)
Sis. Nissy Thomas
(Worship Coordinator)